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4/26 2019

~60000 visitors

4/27 2019

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4/28 2019

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Tang Minghuang Lang Dang Yi

 Tang Minghuang out of the Jianmen Pass station, continued westbound, after in the ancient city of Pu County drink "Le Quan" water, feel much more comfortable. Along the ancient Yi Dao to Chengdu and go, walk a hundred miles in the mountain road, came to a small inn in the shade to live down, so that tomorrow's westbound.

 This post is simple enough, a few small houses, on the high mountains and lofty hills seemed bleak...... There is a Qiaojiao cornices Temple Station next to. The rake angle on the bells jingling sound, seem clear and melodious.

 That night, the moon is like water, wind whistling. The temple bells jingle, jingle sound angle continuously, Tang Minghuang difficulty falling asleep, Si Xu upset, many past constantly in my heart...... The new dance, Huaqing Palace warmth, an Lushan mutiny, Changan emergency leave, Mawei slope remonstrance, Yang hanging horrors, the Buddhas cave in tiger, Le Quan sorrow...... Scene after scene to emerge in sight, Tang Minghuang is very sad, sad tears can't stop, like a string of pearls, overflowing eyes, wet ear horn, wet pillow quilt, is really "Emerald quilt cold who shared"! He in trouble in the depression, slowly fell asleep. Suddenly a strong wind blowing and he woke with a start, hazy feel like someone whisper: "he Lang Dang Saburo", "San Lang Lang dang". The original temple bell sound angle. This ring full of tenderness, like Yang Yuhuan in calling him, make him sad! With "Lang Dang Saburo" ringing tones, through faint moonlight outside the window, he looked round the room, feel like back to the "midnight when no whisper" dream...... In this way, he toss and turn restlessly till the morning light.

 Second days before the ancient post road. Come nearly twenty years mountain, came to the seven mountain temple. When he learned that the temple enshrines piety father love the Lord Wenchang idol, he stepped into the temple. Then, and set foot on "filial piety" step by step step, into a castle style house. There is a round stone bed pan house, near the bed wall painting, Zhang Yazi statue. The temple elders said, this stone bed was Zhang Yazi "meditation" religious place, it is called "Pan Tuo stone". Emperor is believed Buddhism, then hands clasped on the stone bed together and sit down. At this time, he felt the stone bed was very cold, but very comfortable. So, the rest simply lie down, imperceptibly asleep. See God of Wenchang Zhang Yazi oncoming, hurriedly kowtow. Zhang Yazi saw he was melancholy, say: "you don't have to worry, the rebels will soon is flat, two in Beijing will recover." Emperor very pleased, but woke up. Look, he is asleep in the stone bed!


Soon, Tang Minghuang heard the bell heartbroken in post things spread. The temple bells jingle angle upstairs, like Yang call emperor's "saburo". Therefore, people took the stage called "Lang Dang yi".